Garage Sale Misery

On Saturday and Sunday we held a garage sale to rid ourselves of items we can’t move because they won’t fit in the new house, or that we don’t need for some other reason.  After schlepping the stuff outside and setting it up on the driveway, we sat there for over six hours on Saturday, moved the items that hadn’t sold to the side and covered them with a tarp, and began the whole process the next day.  Good news is that we made about 3500 together, which I hadn’t expected, Wonono collecting more because he had some big items, like his trailer that hitches onto his truck, sound equipment, etc.  We dragged ourselves out to dinner the first night, because though there was food to heat in the refrigerator (due to my forethought), neither of us wanted to even heat anything on the top of the stove.  We came home and collapsed, up at six AM the following day.  That night we ate leftovers because going out was beyond us.  Yesterday we drove a half hour to have dinner and watch the fireworks with a friend, though staying in bed seemed preferable.  We were even more tired after the second day. Although we just sat around and had to explain, smile, and bargain over price, the process itself was beyond tiring.  We had a really wonderful time with the friend and her children who were visiting from Denver; her son-in-law was a master chef, at least in my opinion, his dinner outstanding.  Her guests were interesting, and despite ourselves, we managed to engage for over three hours.  Sleep last night was almost instantaneous.  I am still beyond tired, and have no idea how my partner managed a full eight hour day of work today.  I loathed the entire experience, and swore, as I did when I moved here from Los Angeles over 18 years ago, that I would never repeat it.  I am making the same vow today, aloud, in my blog.  If we reach the point where a three bedroom, two-story house is too much for us, I would be ready to hurl our excess stuff out the window to avoid going through this ever again.  The best news of all is that it is all over, except for one trip to Goodwill!

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