Trump Tax Rally

A quick update. Just returned from a rally in Bend about Trump releasing his taxes.  Some mornings I feel so depressed about what he’s defunding (and funding, for that matter) that I don’t want to get up.  I forgot how empowering it feels to stand and carry signs with people who feel the same way.  We also went to a Town Hall Thursday night for our rep in the House (Republican and conservative) who started out by  saying he held a Town Hall every year and got boo’d.  Hadn’t held one in four years!  How can they lie so blatantly? Apparently over 3,000 folks were packed into the high school gym with hundreds outside waiting to get in.  Just wanted to write a little, and I have.  I don’t think he’ll last the full four years, even if he isn’t impeached.  He could just get bored, since he has the attention span of an gnat, and quit!  ‘Course then we’d be stuck with Pence.  Ah well, another day another fight!

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